Hi all! Here’s a one year update.

I’ve resumed posting to this site. Most of the updates are drawings and illustrations that I’m adding to my Redbubble artist shop, plus an occasional comic.

In September 2016, I started my Daily Drawings. Doing a drawing each day has gotten me in the habit of creating something new every day and has helped me improve my artistic skills . You can follow my daily drawings on my Facebook Page and on Instagram.

-Dan :-)
June 20, 2017

Hi. Dan here…

I’ve taken a (really long) break from updating The Pawses website (the last update was in October 2015). Over the past several months, I have developed an interest in illustration, as well as continuing to sketch and create comics. I realized that I needed a new home for my varied art interests, so in May 2016 I established a new portfolio site.

Please visit dantabata.com, Facebook or Instagram to see what I’m doing now.

-Dan Tabata
June 15, 2016

FYI, here’s the reason why I originally created The Pawses back in 2012…

I was five when I bought my first (Silver Age) comic book at a liquor store. For a few years I didn’t know what happened to Iron Man after the Grey Gargoyle turned him to stone and tossed him off a rooftop in Tales of Suspense 95. When I was eight, I finally found TOS 96 in a used book store. The story ending was kind of disappointing. I had thought of all these amazing ways that Iron Man might have escaped, but he was saved by someone driving a dump truck full of dirt under him.

Creating comics is fun way for an adult me to play like a little kid. I hope you enjoy some of what I’ve made.

– Dan Tabata

The Pawses is a pet-inspired comic strip. Kordell (the cat; named after retired Steelers’ quarterback Kordell Stewart) and Mousey (a.k.a. Mouse; the dog) are real pets. Dan Tabata is one of their pet humans. ;-)

“Pawses” is a made-up homophone that combines animal extremities with the passage of time. If you’ve ever had a cat stare into your soul, then you have experienced “pawses.”