Cat in Repose

Kordell relaxing at the back door (October 2014)

LA Galaxy, Champions Once More

On Sunday, December 7th, 2014, the LA Galaxy won their record-setting fifth MLS Cup. It was a “ruff” season, but they made it through! ;-) GO GALAXY!

Goodbye, Kordell

Dear Kordell Kitty, Thank you for sixteen years of purrfect companionship (1998-2014). You’ll live in our hearts forever. Love, your humans :-)

Mousey (October 15, 2014)

Character Doodles


Sketched this while college football was playing in the background. Not sure what (if anything) that means. ;-)

It’s the little things…

Kordell and Mousey, my little muses.

Mouse Tale

Stranger, you have a kind face. Let me tell you my tale. #NiagaraFalls #SlowlyITurned #Vaudeville

Birds on a Wire

Having fun learning to work watercolors into my ink sketches.

Shogo and Bea