A simple sparrow draw in ink and watercolor. The background was applied in Photoshop. Visit my artist shop at Redbubble to purchase this design as a print, phone case, t-shirt, sticker or scarf.… Continue reading

The Tiger

There’s a new design in my Redbubble artist shop. The design is based on a Bengal tiger pen and watercolor that I drew as one of my daily drawings. My wife is a… Continue reading

Too Much TV

Do your pets watch too much TV?


A parakeet from my daily drawing sketchbook. Follow my daily drawings on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Redbubble Artist Shop

I’m pleased to announce that my Redbubble artist shop is officially open. Redbubble is an online marketplace that enables independent artists to sell their creations as quality print on demand products. I spent… Continue reading

Second Guessing Game

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe.

Guessing Game

Objects in mirror are not what they appear.

Existential Dilemma Cricket

This daily drawing idea was prompted by a news story about crickets being used as a source of protein. My mind works in strange ways. ;-) You can see all of my daily… Continue reading


Well, at least there was a receptive audience.

Flight of Fancy

Daily drawing of rose-ringed parakeets. You can find all of my daily drawings on my new Facebook Page at