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Coffee Lover

Combining two of my favorite things! Follow my daily drawings on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Visit my Redbubble artist shop to purchase this design as a t-shirt, coffee mug or other gift item.… Continue reading

Making Biscuits

Kitty says, “I knead you.” Visit my Society6 shop to purchase this design as a tote bag, throw blanket or other home decor item.

Stickers at Redbubble

Stickers are a fun, inexpensive way to dress up your notebook or laptop with a bit of my artwork. My Redbubble shop offers high-quality vinyl stickers in four sizes ranging from 3×3 inch… Continue reading

Color Splash Cat

Into each life a little color must splash! Visit my artist shop at Redbubble to purchase this design as a tote bag, t-shirt, sticker or throw pillow. Follow my daily drawings on Instagram,… Continue reading

The Tiger

There’s a new design in my Redbubble artist shop. The design is based on a Bengal tiger pen and watercolor that I drew as one of my daily drawings. My wife is a… Continue reading

Too Much TV

Do your pets watch too much TV?

Second Guessing Game

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe.

Regal Tuxedo Kitty

Our now departed Kordell Kitty (2014) was a handsome cat. He had tuxedo markings, which brought to mind high social standing, secret agent espionage and royalty. What a nice way to remember him.… Continue reading

Untapped Market

Direct-to-pet marketing, the final frontier!


A fish out of water.