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A souvenir from our trip to Seattle.

Cat in Repose

Kordell relaxing at the back door (October 2014)

Character Doodles


Sketched this while college football was playing in the background. Not sure what (if anything) that means. ;-)

Birds on a Wire

Having fun learning to work watercolors into my ink sketches.

Seven Samurai

Ink drawing, based on a movie still from Seven Samurai (1954). (below) Initial pencil sketch.

Red Lion (Toshiro Mifune)

When I was little, my dad took me to the theater to watch samurai movies. Red Lion, starring Toshiro Mifune, is one film that I remember vividly. It was funny and action-filled. It… Continue reading

Leo Tolstoy

Happy 186th Birthday!

Kordell the Younger

Ink sketch from a 2001 photo. My elderly, feline muse…I salute you! :-) [TWSBI Mini Fountain Pen – EF nib; Platinum Carbon Black Ink]


Our tree is alive with the sound of nibbling.