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Mouse Rider

Their days were filled with backyard adventures. A digital drawing by Dan Tabata Here’s a visual summary of the art creation (using Adobe Illustrator). [click on images to enlarge] Visit my Etsy shop… Continue reading

Mr. Mouse the Chihuahua Dog

Mr. Mouse expects lavish treats and luxurious petting. Look deep into his eyes and prepare to do his bidding! Dear Mr. Mouse, It has been over a month since you departed this life… Continue reading


When the humans are away, Mousey takes pufferfish out to play! Visit my Etsy shop to purchase a 5×7″art print of this design. Visit my Society6 shop to purchase this design as a… Continue reading

Goodbye, Mousey

Our little dog, Mousey (aka Mouse) brought joy to our family for almost nine years (April 10, 2011–February 15, 2020). Mousey, I’m still not sure who got the better deal—you for taking over… Continue reading

Little Dog Waiting

A little dog waiting for his humans to return. Visit my Etsy shop to purchase art prints directly from me. Visit my Redbubble shop to purchase this design as a floor pillow, photo… Continue reading

Daimyo Dog

Our Chihuahua Mousey will spend the Year of the Dog overseeing his neighborhood as a feudal lord. Visit my Redbubble shop to purchase this design as a t-shirt, sticker or gift item. Visit… Continue reading

Little Big Fan

He’s his own biggest fan! Visit my artist shop at Redbubble to purchase this design as a art board, phone case or tapestry.

That Look

Our dog, Mouse, drawn with pen and watercolor on smooth Bristol board. Follow my daily drawings on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Too Much TV

Do your pets watch too much TV?


A fish out of water.