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Evolving Art

When we first see a drawing, we might imagine a flash of inspiration leading straight to the finished artwork. Many times that’s what happens, but not always. One of my favorite drawings took… Continue reading



Mousey Anniversary

  Mousey adopted us on April 10, 2011 :-)

Cat Ink

Kordell the cat. Noodler’s Lexington Gray ink; Lamy Safari fountain pen (fine), Kuritake No. 8 fountain brush pen and watercolor brush pen (diluted ink); Stillman & Birn Alpha Series paper.

Mouse (the dog) 2.0

  Didn’t like the first sketch (bent-nib fountain pen). The second version (using a Copic Multi Liner) turned out well.



A souvenir from our trip to Seattle.

Cat in Repose

Kordell relaxing at the back door (October 2014)

Goodbye, Kordell

Dear Kordell Kitty, Thank you for sixteen years of purrfect companionship (1998-2014). You’ll live in our hearts forever. Love, your humans :-)