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Mouse Rider

Their days were filled with backyard adventures. A digital drawing by Dan Tabata Here’s a visual summary of the art creation (using Adobe Illustrator). [click on images to enlarge] Visit my Etsy shop… Continue reading

Fez Hat Cat

After acquiring the fez, kitty developed an uncanny obsession with brandy, cigars, and nineteenth-century explorers. Pen and ink drawing with digital color. Visit my Etsy shop to purchase a 5×7″art print of this design.… Continue reading

If a Bear Falls in the Woods

– view full-sized comic – “We climb and fall. United by a common struggle, our happiness is found in unexpected places. This mask removed, reveals a truth.” -Anonymous (bear) ~~~ I drew this… Continue reading


This bird remains calm, cool, and collected. A.K.A., I remember back when everyone wore a hat. Now, get off my lawn. ;-) Unflappable – pen and watercolor. Drawn with a TWSBI Mini fountain… Continue reading

Evolving Art

When we first see a drawing, we might imagine a flash of inspiration leading straight to the finished artwork. Many times that’s what happens, but not always. One of my favorite drawings took… Continue reading

Night of the Cuppa

A fish, a fez and a cuppa. Visit my Etsy shop to purchase a 5×7″art print of this design. Visit my Etsy shop to purchase art prints directly from me. Visit my artist… Continue reading

Food Chain

You want fries with that?


A souvenir from our trip to Seattle.

Fire Road

  I was walking through the woods one day.


Better living through technology.